Pre-application Check Terms and Conditions

By completing and submitting this form, you consent for your personal data to be used to make a suitable product suggestion for you. Your details will be shared with the relevant credit reference agencies and companies acting on our behalf to carry out the quotation search and will not be used for any other purpose. Your personal data will be kept confidential and will not be stored for longer than necessary. We will not store the information you supply to us for the quotation search on our systems and the result will not be available from Barclays at a future date. This service will not affect your ability to obtain credit in the future or be seen by any other lenders. We take data security seriously and as such, any personal information you give us is protected over the Internet using secure web server technology.

The pre-application check includes a selection of cards from our full range. The credit card(s) that will be shown when submitting the form are those that have been selected as the most suitable choice for you based on a high-level check of your credit record and the additional information you have provided. This does not constitute an offer of credit and you may be declined once a full assessment of your application has been completed. This scoring method only applies to Barclaycard, as other companies may use different scoring methods.

If you should not qualify for a particular Barclays Bank PLC product at this time, we may display other products, including those offered by third parties that might be of interest to you. This will be done on the basis of cross referencing the information you provided to us, against what we know and believe to be the acceptance criteria for those products by the relevant third parties. Your personal information will not be shared with those third parties. Our display of these third party products and the likelihood of your application being successful is simply a suggestion and not an offer of credit, as we do not carry out a comprehensive financial assessment on behalf of the said third parties. Should you choose to act on our suggestion, you acknowledge the above and that you will have to make a separate application with the relevant third party that may not be successful. By clicking on the link provided, you will be redirected to a third party’s website, where these Terms and Conditions cease to have any application. Any applications for credit or pre qualification inquiries you make with any third parties will be covered by their relevant Terms and Conditions, which you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with.